The primary goal of The New Aspen Christian College and Seminary is Teaching and Training Servant-Leaders. Specifically, the goals of ACC&S are:

1. To equip the body of Christ.

2. To empower the body of Christ by instruction in the Word of God and His Holy Spirit.

3. To enable ministers, teachers, missionaries, evangelist and anyone who is working for the Lord.

4. To enlarge ministries, and churches and their respective bodies as the Word of God goes forth.

5. To ensure that the truth is taught, that God’s Word charged with the power of His Spirit and His anointing goes out world over.

6. To give opportunities for study and professional development in a timely and cost efficient manner reachable by all in the ministry.

7. To equip pastors, ministers, evangelists, teachers, counselors, chaplains to better serve.

8. To enable anyone to be able to study God’s Word