The New Aspen Christian College & Seminary (TNACCS) is your opportunity to sharpen your God given gifts and talents, an education from TNACCS will prepare you for what God has called you to do.

Through The New Aspen Christian College & Seminary (TNACCS) you can prepare for Pastoral Leadership, Christian Education, Chaplaincy, Christian Counseling, Urban Ministry, and how to successfully start and lead a ministry. Traditional schools have their place, with us you have the opportunity to receive the training you need to move on with serve in your God-given Calling.

TNACCS is the answer to earning your degree. TNACCS occasionally offers seminars for accelerating the degree process. Students from all walks of life and backgrounds who want to prepare for greater Christian ministry study with TNACCS. TNACCS is centered on Jesus Christ. The Bible is our first and foremost textbook. We utilize a number of other excellent textbooks that will assist us in teaching various ministry objectives and goals, these authors have proven themselves in ministry or Christian scholastic achievements and have written books that you will read, analyze and summarize in the process of completing your degree program.

 TNACCS is a growing Theological College and Seminary. You will not spend years haggling with the bureaucracy only to discover that you are still years and thousands of dollars away from graduation. You can complete your degree with TNACCS and then move on or continue on as a servant-leader for Christ. We want you to graduate and fulfill the calling God has upon your life. We accept transfers from most colleges and Christian related schools. TNACCS is also financially affordable. TNACCS offers strong, yet practical degree programs. Our goal is to offer a quality program of study at a reasonable price. We can help you complete your College/Seminary degree in the green and not in the red!

ACCS/ TNACCS is an inter-denominational religious training institution that has operated in the state since the mid1980s. As stated in the catalog, “The founders have worked to establish religious based educational programs for pastors and Christian leaders. The mission of the school aims is to serve the needs of pastors, ministers, urban ministry leaders and other Christian professionals across many denominations.”